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The Russian economy has faced numerous shocks over the last decade, from devaluation to international sanctions. But with the disruption comes opportunities as well as challenges. Despite the geopolitics, Russia is, in many ways, an advanced European economy rapidly integrating with Asia where firms are seeking scarce equity capital with a longer-term risk appetite.
Several rounds of economic and political sanctions imposed in recent years have led to a devaluation of the currency and abnormally cheap assets as well as increased operational efficiency and corporate competitivity. Russian companies have survived by adapting to the new business environment and have coped well with the effect of sanctions. Corporate profits have exhibited healthy growth over the last three years.
A rare combination of healthy profit growth, low multiples and an undervalued currency makes Russia a unique investment opportunity for a patient investor.

VPE Russia Fund
Through applying our business model to VPE Russia Fund, we are well positioned as the window for international funds to invest into Russia.
Investment Themes
VPE Russia is focused on accessing the best risk-weighted private sector opportunities across a number of sectors.
Renewable Energy

Improving efficiency, high quality contracts with Sovereign backed credits and scalability against a backdrop of falling interest rates makes renewable energy a relatively low-risk growth opportunity in Russia today.

Retail and Logistics

Russia´s retail market has been completely disrupted over the course of the last decade, creating a range of opportunities around logistics and transportation.

Small Scale Power Generation

The power sector in Russia has undergone tremendous change in the last 20 years, opening up the potential to supply and consume power in new ways where efficiency gains can be substantial.

Real Estate

Changes in legislation and the absence of long-term capital has created a window of opportunity when prices are subdued but demand is high.

Our Strategies

Private Equity & Infrastructure
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Investment Philosophy

We are a specialist Emerging Market asset manager focused on investing institutional funds to enhance risk weighted return with a focus on the geographies in the CIS region
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